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*AD Disclaimer: I’m a brand ambassador for Big Potato Games. I haven’t been asked to produce this post and using my discount code does not gain me anything however, I do earn from affiliate links, marked with *.  I’m very proud to work with BPG and wanted a place to share what I know. Enjoy!

Board games never get old, do they? They’re ideal for bringing everyone together, pulling yourself away from your phone, learning a thing or two about your teammates and having a real laugh. Playing games makes me happy. I’m really proud to be a Brand Ambassador for Big Potato Games, which essentially means it’s my job to share what they do. Can we start by appreciating how bloomin’ cool they are? Honestly, when I first visited their offices I thought “if I lived in London and didn’t do what I do, I’d want to work here!”. They’re the nicest bunch of humans. Based in Shoreditch in East London, they’re an indie board game company that loves turning their hands to all sorts of stuff, from shout-out rhyming party games to death-defying adult escape games.

Obviously, I’m biased… all their games are good! But I’ve been sharing their stuff for a few years now and I own almost every single game. I get a lot of DM’s asking the best games for travel, families or just a few of my personal favourites. Without further ado, here is my personal list of the best of Big Potato Games (which is always changing with new games so don’t miss following me on Instagram for updates!).

TOP TIP: Too lazy to read the rules or find no one listens properly? (Yup, can relate!), well Big Potato have ‘How To Play’ videos on their YouTube Channel for all their games. You’re welcome. 

Best For… Adult’s/Teens & Games Nights


This one is definitely adults only, however, whilst I was at Summer In The City, they had a few sneaky previews for a family-friendly version coming soon too (worth noting!). This one is all about drawing. We’ve played this the most and is usually requested by our pals when they come over. It’s a perfect ‘end of the night’ game when you’ve had a few drinks too. Each round, you draw a picture, then pass it on to the next player in the circle. By the time your drawing passes through your friends’ weird minds, things will have gone horribly wrong. It’s hilarious.
This one is for movie fans. Suited for 4-12 players age 12 and up, this one hits me in all the feels for the nostalgia of the video rental store loved in the 90s. In Part One, two players go head-to-head in a movie buzzer battle. For Part Two, you’ll be describing and acting out as many movies as they can for their team to guess. It’s great fun.

*Obama Llama 2

We absolutely love to bring out Obama Llama for our game’s nights. It’s got a bit of everything and is definitely one of my all-time favourites. It’s a rhyming charade game where you act out and describe over 500 charades while your team tries to guess them. From ‘King Kong playing ping pong’ to ‘a Pot Noodle marrying a poodle’, the rhymes are ridiculous but I love them. We play this for ages!
+ Extra Special Mention: If you love Obama Llama, get yourself Santa Banta too. It’s nice and small for travels around Christmas time with the family. Festive themed rhymes. Hilarious.
Best For… the family!
*What Came First

This is the lastest edition in my games chest but easily in my top three. What Came First does what it says on the box, you have to guess literally what came first (eg. Hair Straighteners or Blow Dryers?), then use your chips to gamble how many squares you might move forward (or back if you get the answer wrong!) around the board. With a few time tokens to potentially bamboozle you, this is one even we got my step-dad loving and he never plays games with us! It’s really easy to play and learn. You can play 2, 3 or 4 players, but it’s best in teams and ages 10+. It’s surprisingly quite addictive, and you learn a lot too. Love it.

No good at quizzes? Great, because in this game they give you all the answers before you start. All you have to do is work out which of the 11 Colour Cards in your hand correctly answers one of the crafty, colourful questions. Get it right and you’ll win the points!
ps. There’s a Disney version too so be sure to watch us host a Disney Themed Games Night for our pals here!

*20 Second Showdown
2 teams, 400 ridiculous challenges. From “Count to 10 like a caveman” to “Pretend your shoe is a phone and order a pizza”, we played this one for AGES. It had me laughing so hard because you find yourself doing such silly things in the quickest time possible. This is a perfect party game, but the whole family can play as it’s suitable for age 10+ with 5-20 players. (One to get ready for Christmas!)

Best For…Travels + Two-Players
*Dino Dump
This is one of my absolute favourites. It’s a pretty simple card game designed for kids, but I’ve only played with all my adult pals and let me tell you, they all love it. It’s ideal for travel because it’s small and compact, but once you know how to play, you’ll be saying ‘AGAIN’ over and over.

*OK Play
This is the easiest to learn and the lightest to take on your travels. Just grab a coloured stack and take turns laying down tiles until someone makes a line of five. That’s it! It’s good for age 8+ and 2-4 players.

Best For…the pub or small groups

*Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout
This was one of the first games from Big Potato I ever played and I still love it so much. It’s a bit underrated really, everyone goes for Scrawl and Obama Llama when we’re at home but if we’re heading for a picnic in the park or a few drinks at the pub, I take Mr Lister because it’s not too noisy and well, I love a good list. Each round, Mr Lister will ask a question with multiple answers and each team will get three shots to hit a correct answer. If they’re lucky, they’ll head straight to the Last Chance Saloon to play the impossible question. It’s a good game if you don’t know your teammates well (or you’ve literally just met!), age 14+ and 3-20 players.

*Weird Things Humans Search For
Pretty much what it says on the box, you’ll learn the answers to weird questions people ask on the internet. We’ve had some really funny moments with this one. In this game, they give you the first half of a search, then you have to guess the rest. The more popular your answer, the more points you earn. Easy!

*The Chameleon

Known for being multi-award winning, I didn’t play this until recently and now I’m wondering why! It’s so clever and made me really practice my poker face (still terrible). Everyone knows the secret word – except for the player with the Chameleon card. Use hidden codes, carefully chosen words, and a bit of finger-pointing to track down the guilty player… before they blend in and escape! I’ve also played the app they have of this, it’s so good.

Games I also love but didn’t quite make my top lists:
1. Qwordie: for anyone who likes word-related and spelling games!

2. *Don’t Get Got: perfect for pranksters and groups of pals up for a laugh, complete challenges against each other and try not to get caught.
3. *First Dates: perfect for a games night after a few drinks, you learn a lot about each other!
4. *Clickbait: my pal works in marketing and loves this, it’s designed to get you thinking about how you’d advertise products using only words beginning with the letters you’re given. A challenge I love to complete.

And games I’m still yet to play…
*Head Hackers (coming my way soon!)
*Bucket Of Doom
*Truth Bombs

That wraps up the best of Big Potato Games in my opinion! 

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