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Have you ever considered doing a professional Disneyland Paris photoshoot? We booked and paid for one with Yên in February 2023, and here’s how it went!

It’s no secret that Disney offer PhotoPass photographers around their parks. However, in Disneyland Paris, they are thin and far between. We never took any on our most recent trip. I haven’t been impressed with the quality we received in Walt Disney World in December either. So it was kind of a lightbulb moment when the opportunity to do a professional photoshoot in Disneyland Paris came up.

Over the last few years, my fiancé Benji and I have got a lot more confident taking photos together. We did a photoshoot when we got engaged and have done a few professional photos on press trips and at events. We’ve started to understand and really appreciate the value of professional photos. We love the snaps we get via iPhone, but there’s something special about professional ones. Especially as we don’t have the cameras, lenses or expertise to capture them on our own.

When Yên got in touch via Instagram and asked if she could take a few photos of us, I looked at her work and fell in love. I pitched the idea to Benji and he was keen. We decided to spend an hour on our last day taking some photos with her. There are so many perfect photo spots in the Parks, we knew it would be worth it.

I ask Yên to send over her prices and we booked and paid for a session. It was fairly spontaneous in all honesty. She just so happened to be visiting the same time we were there. I thought it might be nice to share some of the images and the experience of how it went.

Planning for a Disneyland Paris photoshoot

If I know I’m taking professional photos, I naturally would come prepared. We booked this whilst on the Eurostar en route to the magic though. I didn’t have anything I’d typically pack including my hairdryer, nicer clothes or extra makeup. That didn’t matter though, we made it work!

With couples photos, I like to semi co-ordinate myself with Benji to compliment each other. I managed to find a navy base layer tee in my suitcase, and a similar navy jumper in his. They worked nicely for some ‘normal’ looking images, doing some with and without Minnie Ears on too. I wanted to maximise our time with Yên and decided to bring a tote bag with a few other options. I chucked in a pair of trainers, trousers, two pairs of ears and two Disney jumpers. Plus a few Disney bits for Benji too. I didn’t want all our images to look exactly the same.

What we booked

Yên has a few different packages available that start at 120 euros for 10 edited photos from a 1-hour photoshoot. Then it’s 10 euros for each additional photo. We decided to book an hour with her, and ended up selecting 30 images total. This is definitely more than average, but considering I’m a creator, we wanted lots of options for Instagram. She sends the photos via WeTransfer within 3 weeks. She never sends non-edited pictures or touches faces/bodies, which was important to me.

How the Disneyland Paris photoshoot went

Shooting with Yên was so easy and fun! Firstly, she looked so gorgeous (scroll to the end to see one of us together!), wearing a beautiful red coat, red lipstick and the prettiest Disney dress underneath. I had Disney outfit envy!

She’s been a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Holder for years, but she also shoots in and around Paris. We met her at 9 am at City Hall on our last day, with Extra Magic Hours as Disney Hotel Guests. We started just before 9 and missed the big rush of people coming into the parks. This gave us the perfect opportunity to get photos on Main Street and by the Castle with minimal/no people in them. It was very apparent she knew the best spots for the Disneyland Paris photoshoot, which was so handy.

Brogan and Benji standing on a balcony looking into the distance in Fantasyland during their Disneyland Paris photoshoot.

We moved in a direct line between Main Street to the Meet Mickey location. We stopped for photos between the shops, in front and behind the castle, on the Carousel and near Cinderella’s Carriage. I changed in some nearby bathrooms in Fantasyland from a skirt and tights, to black trousers and a Spirit Jersey. We moved locations to fit the outfits and the aesthetics of the locations.

During the shoot, Yên was so good at posing us both. She gave us ideas on where to sit and stand, and moved us quickly to give us lots of options. I loved the candid ones of us walking or sitting on a bench. We’ve never captured anything like this by ourselves.

How we picked our favourite photos

Once the hour photoshoot was done, we found a spot in Discovery Arcade and she downloaded the images from her camera, straight to her phone. We sat together and picked our favourites, and then paid for her services via PayPal. It was honestly so easy and smooth, Yên has fantastic English and was very sweet and kind to us.

Would we do it again?

Yes, absolutely! I’ve already had people reach out and tell me they’ve been inspired to do the same. One group has booked it for a Hen Party with their girlfriends! Imagine the perfect photos you could all keep forever doing something special like that. Especially as a family with kids too. It’s such a nice souvenir. I know it’s an extra expense that not everyone will be interested in, but I’d absolutely recommend it. After all, what’s the point in only having a special photoshoot for your Wedding Day? Disneyland Paris made the perfect backdrop, and we absolutely love our images.

If you’d like to book Yên, please reach out to her on Instagram via @bulledemint here.

If you’d like to see more of our trip, be sure to watch our Disneyland Paris vlogs on YouTube here or click the first episode below! ⤵

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