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Emetophobia | My Phobia Of Sick

This is something I’ve wanted to talk about so I feel less alone, but as it makes me so uncomfortable, I don’t generally like talking about it. Hence the post today instead of a video. I’ve always thought I was a bit odd having a fear of something which is generally quite normal, but over […]

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Citroën C1 | The Perfect Urban Car AD

This post is kindly sponsored by Citroen. The Citroën C1 is such a perfect little car. Despite it’s size, it’s fun, really comfortable and has never let me down. Having owned a C1 for years now, I feel pretty confident in sharing this review for you. Before we begin, let me share a quick back […]

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The Lush Spa Treatments Guide

I feel I need to begin by saying that this isn’t sponsored. To give you some context, I worked at Lush HQ for over a year, spending half my time in Customer Care and the other half as an Administrator in the Spa Team. Every therapist that works at any Lush Spa around the world […]

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