I’ve very proud that I make money through a variety of means within this online space, including my YouTube and social media. Transparency is very important to me, so here’s a breakdown of what it all means.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Where I have been paid to write a post on this blog, will always be declared with ‘AD’ in the title, along with a sentence at the beginning declaring the partnership. (ie. This post is kindly sponsored by X’)

Sponsored Vlogs

Any sponsored videos on my YouTube channel will have four clear indicators to let you know it features a paid advertisement. There will be an ‘AD’ marked on the thumbnail, within the title, and I always tick the YouTube feature called ‘Paid Promotion’, which has a box at the beginning with a message telling you that my video contains paid promotion. Finally, I will always verbally declare if it’s been sponsored too (ie. “big thank you to X for kindly sponsoring this vlog”)

Sponsored Social Media Posts

Where I have been paid to promote something on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or various other social networks, I will always mark it with AD at the beginning of the caption, tweet or post. On Instagram, I will use the Paid Partnership too where possible too. On Stories, it’ll be clearly marked in the top corner.

Gifted Items/Experiences/Trips

Often I am kindly gifted items, services or experiences from brands and PRs. If these are provides in return for content, they will be marked as AD, otherwise it usually falls into a grey area where I’m not obligated to post, but it’s still like to. It’s still classed as an advert and therefore, you’ll often see me use ‘AD Gifted’ to comply with the ASA regulations and make it clear I did not pay for the product/trip etc.

Previous Brand Relationships

Another area I will make clear is if I have worked with a brand on previous but not current campaign, and I’m sharing content including them, I will inform you of the previous collaboration if it took place within the last year. Usually I will write ‘AD Previous Brand Partner’ to help acknowledge this.

Affiliate Links

I often share links across my platforms, some of them will be organic but sometimes, if the brand/website has an affiliate programme, I can create an affiliate link and earn a small percentage of any sales/clicks. It costs you nothing additional, and is a great way to support creators. I will declare whether there are affiliate links within a post, either within the title or the first sentence on my blog, or by using AD – Affiliate on social media. You’ll always know if you’re about to click on one.

If you have any more questions on how I earn money and how it affects you, please feel free to contact me at brogantatexo@hotmail.com.

Thanks for supporting me!